Your SVHI Inspection Report

After the inspection, your SVHI Inspection Report will be available by
email or secure download often that same day. Printed reports can
also be made available upon request.


What Your SVHI Inspection Report Means

Your SVHI Inspection Report is set up to clearly share information
about your home. Each area provides the condition, implication of the
condition, and recommendations:

  • The Condition

    SVHI provides a clear explanation for any condition identified during the inspection.

    Example: Every roof has a life cycle. Based on full inspection of the roof, the condition of the shingles, underlay, and eaves indicate that this roof is at the end of its life cycle.

  • The Implication

    Based on the condition described, SVHI provides a risk assessment based on the potential results should the condition not be repaired.

    Example: The condition of the roof implies potential for water leakage with subsequent risk of structural damage if repairs are not completed.

  • The Recommendation

    Based on the severity of the condition and the risk associated to not repairing it, SVHI provides valuable recommendations for next steps.

    Example: Based on the condition of the roof and implications for damage, SVHI recommends replacement of the roof within a timeframe and provides an estimated range of costs associated with the repair.