Personal Professional Service

Locally owned and operated, SVHI is a specialized inspection company offering personal service to OAHI Standards of Practice to meet your home inspection needs. We take the guesswork out of the inspection process and results to provide you with a thorough understanding of various elements of your home.


Ontario Association for Home Inspectors (OAHI) member

Your inspector, Richard, is an Ontario Association for Home Inspectors (OAHI) candidate member certified by Carson Dunlop and Conestoga College. Richard has the expertise to provide confidence in the information your inspection report provides. He is a trusted advisor with a focus on collaboration and communication throughout the inspection process in order to provide you with insight and information about all the elements of your home including:

Structural Systems | Exterior Systems | Roof Systems | Plumbing Systems | Electrical Systems | Heating Systems | Fireplaces & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances | Air Conditioning Systems | Interior Systems | Insulation and Vapour Barriers | Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems

A proud member of the OAHI, SVHI offers certified full inspections of your home’s interior and exterior systems and components in compliance with the OAHI Standards of Practice, the most widely accepted home inspection guidelines in Canada. Learn more at the buttons below.

From plumbing to electrical, heating to cooling, roof to basement, interior to exterior, Richard will provide you with a thorough understanding of your home to give you confidence in the decisions you make for it.

Professional and Customized Inspection Reports

Once your inspection is complete, your customized Solid Value Inspection Report is available at your fingertips. Delivered via email, secure download, or in print (upon request), this report contains summaries, detailed information, and photographs/diagrams (as applicable) of where important home elements are (e.g., electricity or water shut off), conditions observed during the inspection, implications of conditions observed, recommendations, and estimates for repair costs (if applicable). Always available to you post-inspection, SVHI’s home inspection report will provide you with detailed information about your home.

Post-Inspection Availability and Resources

Even though the inspection process is complete and you have your report, SVHI takes pride in staying in touch with you to answer questions and provide further information. Richard is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to expertise when you need it, and he is always available to help. You can even follow him on social media through his Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to get updates, information, tips, and advice.