Step by Step SVHI Inspection Process

Richard will meet you at the agreed time and location. While not mandatory, you are encouraged and welcome to attend the inspection to ask questions and get information to help you understand your home.

Richard will provide an Inspection Agreement for review and approval either in paper form at the inspection site or by email with online approval. Once approved, Richard will begin the inspection.

You are welcome and encouraged to accompany Richard throughout the inspection (with the exception of any potentially hazardous areas). He can share information and answer questions about your home.

SVHI inspection software will retain all of the important information on the elements of your house in a cumulative report, available to you in both digital and paper format, to ensure that all of your information is available at your fingertips once the inspection is completed.

Your SVHI Home Inspection Report is prepared in accordance with OAHI Standards of Practice and will not only provide information on where important home elements are (electricity or water shut off), but it will clearly describe any conditions observed with a photograph and diagrams (if applicable), implications, recommendations, and estimates for repair costs (if applicable).

Keep in touch!

Even though you have your report, it is never the end!
If you have questions or concerns, Richard is always available to help.