Richard Higginbotham

OAHI candidate member and your Home Inspector




Tel: 519-591-4669


Mission Statement

“My vision is simple – solid value. I respect value, quality, and effort in my daily life, and I operate SVHI in the same way. Perhaps cliché but definitely sincere – I treat others as I would like to be treated.”


Richard is a graduate of the industry-leading Carson Dunlop Home Inspection program at Conestoga College.

He is an Ontario Association for Home Inspectors (OAHI) candidate member certified by Carson Dunlop and Conestoga College. Richard has the expertise to provide confidence in the information your inspection report provides. He is a trusted advisor with a focus on collaboration and communication throughout the inspection process in order to provide you with insight and information about all the elements of your home including:

Structural Systems
Exterior Systems
Roof Systems
Plumbing Systems
Electrical Systems
Heating Systems
Fireplaces & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
Air Conditioning Systems
Interior Systems
Insulation and Vapour Barriers
Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems

Who is this Richard person?

Now that you know about Richard your home inspector, let us introduce you to Richard outside of his dedication to his work.

Richard’s father was a home builder, and Richard learned a lot from him. His father had always said, “work with your head, not your hands”, so Richard started his career in the IT field, moving through programmer, analyst, software developer, and technical support consultant to name a few.

Richard’s love of working with his hands and working with people persisted. He enjoys gardening outside, cooking and entertaining friends, and is even learning to play guitar. A motorcyclist since his teen years, Richard also enjoys restoring vintage motorcycles and even racing his vintage Aermacchi. He also enjoys working on restoring his old car with the help of some talented friends who can make the parts he draws. When he finally takes time to relax, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their three amazing cats.